Connectivity, Bad Backs and Pain Relief

Connectivity – Broadband and our Bodies both need it. Remember when internet was dial up? Watching that blue line edge its way along the address bar, stopping and starting along the way. Frustrating, annoying and ultimately often non productive.

Some of us now have fibre broadband although currently only 2% of the UK has access to the holy grail of “fibre to the property” as opposed to just to the roadside cabinet.

Whats that got to do with easing your back pain?

The connection between body and brain, when functioning correctly, could be described as 5G. Fast, efficient and effective. Receptors in the body sense change such as injury, inflammation or tension and send information to the brain for action – to initiate the healing process where necessary. When this connectivity is lost the brain doesn’t receive the information and is unable to act. The result can be pain, loss of function and an altered lifestyle.

Pain killers may give temporary relief but will not resolve the issue. Some therapies aim to restore function by working directly on the affected muscle or joint or by ‘enforcing’ function by adjustment.

A Bowen therapist will work to gently stimulate the body and aim to correct the dysfunctional receptors in muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. A restored receptor-brain-nerve communication may enable the body to initiate healing and regain function. In effect, Bowen therapy simply ‘reminds’ the body of the healing process.

Why do I think your bad back may be causing you knee pain?

Your body is very good at trying to relieve any discomfort and/or pain. Once one part of your body starts to ache you will, probably without even realising it, change the way you move and carry yourself. Your brain will act to protect your body – pain is one way to prevent you using an affected body part – if movement hurts, you will automatically restrict or alter movement in the affected area. You will probably also shift your weight as you move – therefore if your hip hurts, you will load weight onto the other side to relieve pressure. This however increases strain on the opposite side – you might eventually find that your opposite knee or hip aches. Once again your gait will change and perhaps your shoulder joins the pain chorus. It can become a downward spiral and eventually it becomes difficult to remember what the original pain was.

As a holistic therapy, Bowen will address the whole body rather than just the affected area(s). As it’s often difficult to tell where the original injury is, this whole body approach can be very effective. Treatment is often like peeling an onion – each layer slowly being removed until we reach and resolve the original injury.

Because Bowen is ‘asking’ the body to change, there is no need for hard manipulation or force. Bowen is a light procedure, generally pleasant to receive. For many people, this gentle approach is initially difficult to take seriously, they feel that ‘no pain, no gain’ is the way forward. But bodies, like people, respond better to persuasion than to coercion. Most people are converts once they experience the effect a Bowen session can have on their body, pain levels, general well-being and sleep pattern.

Remember the old spiritual song “Dem Bones”?

“Toe bone connected to the foot bone

Foot bone connected to the heel bone

Heel bone connected to the ankle bone

Ankle bone connected to …… and so on”

Maybe the composer James Wheldon Johnson was ahead of his time. He certainly understood the principle of connectivity.