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    Salhouse Road
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    I provide Bowen Therapy to clients from all over Norfolk.

    Rosemary is caring and listens before starting any therapy so the treatment given is relevant to the needs of the individual.

    Been going for about two years now and used to rotate with chiropractic treatment but this year not had any chiropractic treatment as Rosemary’s holistic approach keeps those back problems at bay whilst also making sure other past problems do not return, problems that chiropractic treatment did not do anything for.

    It’s like making sure there’s enough water, oil and petrol in your car and the right air in your tyres. Without these they don’t run properly and can cost you lots more in the long run. Without my regular Bowen treatment I am sure I would be paying out more in the longer term and have to take tablets that add to costs.

    I highly recommend Bowen at Broadland Bowen.


    Rosemary has been treating my lad and myself for various different things. She is very patient and thorough in her assessment at every treatment. I highly recommend her.


    I saw Rosemary recently to see if she could help with some back pain and numbness I’ve experienced since having 2 cesarean sections, one in 2014 and another in 2016.

    I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never tried Bowen before. I’m happy to say after 4 sessions I haven’t experienced any more back issues and I’ve regained some of the feeling in the area that was numb. Though I have never been particularly conscious of the appearance of my scars, they do appear to have become less noticeable following my sessions with Rosemary. A very positive experience that I would happily recommend.