McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release

About McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR)

Scars may have a huge influence on us. They can cause:

  • restriction in the fascia
  • reduction in blood and lymph flow
  • weakened muscular strength
  • reduction in the flow of energy
  • inhibited joint movement

They may look and feel unpleasant and may even upset us emotionally due to the traumatic events that created them.

Fortunately help is at hand…

MSTR is an evidence based, innovative, pain-free, natural method of helping you with your scars.

It is suitable for scars such as:

  • mastectomy, lumpectomy, etc
  • appendix, gall bladder, etc
  • hysterectomy, C-section
  • joint replacement scars – knee, hip etc
  • spinal surgery
  • trauma from stab and bullet wounds
  • amputation
  • underlying scar tissue from laparoscopic surgery
  • may be helpful for plantar fasciitis too

Clients have reported:

  • increased range of movement
  • a reduction in pain
  • an improvement in the appearance of the scar
  • a better acceptance of their scar(s)

Even though your scar may be many years old, this may be the release your body has been searching for.

I visited Rosemary with discomfort from an old scar on my throat.

The session itself was beyond relaxing, Rosemary made sure I was completely comfortable throughout.

The scar has felt so much better since, I forget that it is even there.

Thank you Rosemary. I highly recommend and will definitely be going back.

My scar on my back is so much better since Rosemary asked to work ok it. It feels warm and mobile now were it was cold and very tight. Thank you.

MSTR therapy was used on my teenage daughter’s spinal scar.

She is very conscientious of her scar and hates anyone seeing it. However she was keen for Rosemary to try MSTR. 
My daughter reported that the MSTR was very relaxing and comfortable for her. Not causing any pain or unpleasant sensation.

After 3 sessions we have noticed the scar has changed in appearance, the texture has become smoother in areas.


I am so impressed with the results I have had from Rosemary and MSTR on my 13 yr old C-section scar. I always found that my scar felt sensitive to touch and when I bent backwards, it would feel tight. I also have that lovely C-section apron / overhang which I thought I would always have.

After a recent laparoscopy I had it confirmed that I had adhesions round this scar.

After 1 treatment with Rosemary, I could bend backwards at least 50% more than previously and my scar felt looser and moved with skin around it. After my 2nd treatment, the overhang was noticeably less, even though I had not lost any weight or done any more exercise. By the third treatment, I felt ‘put back together’. I didn’t realise I had felt ‘dissected’, as I just got on with things, as you do. But now feeling how I do now, I realise that this is exactly how I had felt about my scar for 13yrs!


Just wanted to thank you for the work you have done on my scars from my bilateral mastectomy 4 years ago and the abscess site where the skin broke down on the right side of my chest during chemotherapy in the summer of 2015.

I am absolutely amazed by the difference you have made, my scars are all softer and more stretchy and the sharp shooting pains I was getting in the abscess site which radiated into my upper arm have completely stopped! In addition the scars are less visible especially the abscess one which looks to have faded considerably making me far less aware of it.

I have always felt quite sad about losing both my breasts to cancer and the disappointment of being scarred especially the abscess site but now feel much happier with my scars and more at peace with them if that makes sense.

So many bonuses from your treatment and I am extremely grateful. I would recommend you without hesitation.